Inspiring Individuals Through Innovation

We Create Beautiful Web & Mobile Apps

Excito LLC is a digital design and development agency. We specialize in creating fast fully-responsive websites and cross-platform hybrid applications. We believe the best way to inspire is through innovation.

We craft websites and applications that bring teams together, capitivate audiences, and inspire individuals.

Creating Solutions
Art can be left up to interpretation, websites shouldn't be. We believe creativity is the practice of creating solutions.
Empowering Individuals & Businesses
Our passion is to share ideas, our clients' ideas. We take time to understand your goals or problems, to create the perfect solution.

It continues to shape us and what we do every day.

Our Passion Led Us Hear
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Websites Deserve to be Cutting-Edge

We know technology evolves at light speed. That's why we commit ourselves to not only knowing, but implementing the latest technology in our websites. The days of a separate mobile website and slow response times are over. All our websites are responsive, cross-browser compatible, and built with performance at the forefront.

Small Screen, Unlimited Potential

Turn your ideas into cross-platform mobile applications in just a few months. Clients work with usto create the perfect application tailored to teams, audiences, or solutions.

A Love for Problem Solving

As believers in innovation, we share a passion for problem solving and crafting solutions. Our teams work passionately to overcome obstacles and create solutions.

The Whole Way

From planning to launch, we work with our clients to transform an idea into a developed product, including brainstorming, logo design, and app store submission.

A Standard of Excellance

Performance and excellence are at the forefront of everything we do. Apps are designed to be provide the best user experience on both iOS and Android.

We Empower Education


Community service tracking for the digital age. No need for paperwork or run around.
Coming Soon


Changing the face of school security and attendace. We value the time and safety of students.
Coming Soon


Providing a platform to take collaboration and innovation to the next level at conferences.
Coming Soon

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